Eden CD

( Angel Records - 1999 )

My CD Review
  1. In Paradisum - Very ethereal and beautifully sung by Sarah, with an effective choir accompaniment. Birds and crickets sing to start off and again at the end as the song flows seamlessly into the next song and Sarah leads us into Eden! A great start to a superb album!
  2. Eden - The men's choir starts the song off with a Gregorian chant type sound, but this soon becomes a great pop song with a sensual feel and lots of drive. This tune is superbly done by Sarah, with a fantastic vocal performance! The men's choir woven throughout this song is absolutely outstanding! Sit back and allow yourself to be swept away into paradise!
  3. So Many Things - One of my favourites on this album. Sarah's vocals are stunning on this beautiful pop song, and she sings with such elegance! I love the way she shifts from her pop voice to the strong soprano voice without effort! Some very nice guitar work here too. Simply a great song!
  4. Anytime, Anywhere - Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio is the backdrop for this track, and it compliments Sarah's incredible vocals very nicely. A classical music piece sung with somewhat of a pop feel, and an absolutely outstanding vocal performance! Sarah also had a hand in writing the lyrics to this tune.
  5. Bailero - An absolutely beautiful melody in this song, and superb singing by Sarah! This traditional song is taken from Joseph Canteloube's Songs of the Auvergne. I just love the oohs at the end, they give me tingles all over!
  6. Dust in the Wind - A pop standard done very beautifully by Sarah. I have always liked this Kansas song, but I like it so much more done by Sarah. Excellent guitar work compliments the song as well.
  7. Il Mio Cuore Va - It just doesn't get any better than this! My favourite song on this album! Sarah's cute pop voice begins the song, but the vocals build as the song progresses, and are absolutely incredible before the song reaches the end! A stunning song packed so full of passion and emotion as only Sarah can deliver! My eyes refuse to stay dry whenever Sarah sings this song! A desert island song without question! I still wonder why Sarah was not picked to sing this song in the movie Titanic, as she would have been the ideal choice in my opinion.
  8. Deliver Me - A very spiritual and soulful song with much meaning and wisdom, so very nicely delivered by Sarah and her choir. This song has a mystery about it that makes it a great tune.
  9. Un Jour Il Viendra - This French song has a very gentle melody and intimate feel to it. Sarah's voice shifts are truly amazing! She hits a very high note at the end that is simply unbelievable!
  10. Nella Fantasia - I am sure that Morricone had to be satisfied with the end result of this tune. It's obvious that Sarah's persistance with him has paid off in dividends. A very beautiful song sung as only Sarah can! The harpsicord adds a nice touch.
  11. Tu - Sarah's voice is superb here and seems to just soar freely with the wind! A beautiful ethereal feeling pop tune that is very well done.
  12. Lascia Ch'io Pianga - The combination of George Frederick Handel's music and Sarah's vocals is obviously a winning one! A stunning piece sung so elegantly and gloriously by Sarah, with outstanding orchestration! Handel's music has always been a favourite of mine, and Sarah's awesome voice is an incredible enhancement to this glorious music!
  13. Only An Ocean Away - Sarah is just great here as always, demonstrating incredible voice shifts, and clearly showing that she can perform equally well in the pop field as she does in the classical genre! Simply a great song!
  14. Scene D'Amour - Sarah sings this one with a very intimate feel. Not a lot of words, but a very beautiful song just the same. Superb string accompaniment throughout the song as well!
  15. Nessun Dorma - Venturing into Pavarotti territory is risky at best. But Sarah took the risk and the result was amazing. Sarah proves she can sing with the best of them in this beautiful Puccini aria. She hits a high note at the end that sends shivers up your spine. Just incredible!
  16. The Last Words You Said - A very beautiful pop song penned by Richard Marx, who also sings with Sarah on this one. I find his voice a bit weak, especially alongside Sarah's, but the beauty of the song makes you forget all that. A nice conclusion to this superb album!

Additional Comments

Sarah just continues to amaze us, producing one great song after another! This album is absolutely superb from start to finish. There are no weak performances or fillers on this album at all. Sarah's voice is nothing short of stunning on this recording, soaring to new heights and captivating us like no one else can! The orchestration on this recording is superb, sometimes lush, and always tastefully done. And the choral backing is simply outstanding! Eden was the first disc of Sarah's music that I listened to and purchased, and when I first heard her sing Il Mio Cuore Va she captured my heart and soul with her incredible voice and unwavering passion! This is definitely a desert island disc that I would never want to be without! A must buy!
Bravo Sarah!

If you really love this album like I do than you will want the "One Night in Eden: Sarah Brightman Live in Concert" video or DVD as well. Here you not only have the pleasure of hearing Sarah's glorious voice, but you can experience the theatrical part of her art as well. There's nothing better than a Sarah Brightman show, and this is a great one! You also have the added bonus of an exclusive interview with Sarah. Here is my review of this video.

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