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Sarah Brightman


Sarah Brightman is for me unquestionably the GREATEST singer that I have ever heard.  She possesses ALL the qualities that make up a truly great musical artist... an absolutely stunning voice, the most passionate and emotion filled singing you will ever be accorded, a flair for finding great music to perform, and superb musical arrangements and production!  Her music is absolutely glorious and out of this world!  Music that will warm your heart and caress your soul.  She is truly deserving of the title 'Angel of Music', as her music is simply heavenly!  And despite her fame, she is not your 'typical' superstar... but a sweet, sincere, caring, and very real person!

This web site is devoted to one very special lady and her music !!

This site was updated on  December 11, 2022

Here are a few SOPRANO TIDBITS for your enjoyment!

HEAR SARAH'S MUSIC on Shades of Classics, CKUW 95.9 FM in Winnipeg

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Interested in lyrics to Sarah's great songs - Visit Jos van Geffen's site

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Sarah Brightman autographs my La Luna programme
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