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This site was updated on  January 29, 2023

Wake up to a unique blend of classical and new age music
From Mozart and Beethoven...
To Secret Garden and Sarah Brightman
Heartfelt music at its finest
And a passion for the soprano voice!

With your host JOHN IVERSON

Shades of Classics airs every Sunday morning on Campus & Community Radio CKUW 95.9 FM
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on BellMTS channel 713, and on the internet at ckuw.ca

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Shades of Classics is committed to promoting the
music and activities of local musicians and ensembles


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Shades of Classics Program Highlights for Sunday, February 5, 2023


Feature Work

A complete performance of the Brandenburg Concerto. No. 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach,
with the English Concert under the direction of Trevor Pinnock.

Canadian Spotlight

Music from the album Mystica
by the local choral ensemble Camerata Nova
will be featured.

Camerata Nova

Secret Garden - Fionnuala Sherry & Rolf Lovland

From the Garden

First Day of Spring

( Album: White Stones  )

Moody Moment

Evening: The Sunset, Twilight Time

( Album: Days of Future Passed  )

The Moody Blues

From the Archives

Selections from the album Into Orbit by KevOz

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - greatest composer of all time! Rolf Lovland - a modern day Mozart!

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