La Luna CD

( Angel Records - 2000 )

My CD Review
  1. La Lune - Very ethereal. A wonderful opening for this superb album and what is to follow. If you listen closely you can hear some NASA space chatter, including Neil Armstrong's historic words as he sets foot on the moon. Sarah's voice is heard in the distance until the actual words to the song are sung.
  2. Winter in July - A great pop tune with excellent rhythm and a very airy feeling! Lots of drive throughout this song, very well played, and Sarah is superb as usual! A very strong message is contained within the words of this song... listen closely!
  3. Scarborough Fair - An excellent cover of this beautiful traditional folk song. This tune has never sounded better than it does here with Sarah's superb voice! Some nice keyboard work and choral backing makes for a great song.
  4. Figilio Perduto - The music of Ludwig Van Beethoven's seventh symphony and the awesome voice of Sarah! What more could one possibly ask for. A very dark and mysterious tune that is extremely well done, with some effective keyboard playing.
  5. A Whiter Shade of Pale - This pop standard is covered very nicely by Sarah. This song was never one of my favourites, but Sarah breathes new life into it.
  6. He Doesn't See Me - A beautiful song showcasing Sarah's silky pop voice. Sarah does some excellent backing vocals on this one as well. The pipes and whistles add a nice touch.
  7. Serenade - An all too short but nonetheless very beautiful introduction to the incredible song that it flows seamlessly into. Those angelic aahs give you shivers yet again!
  8. How Fair This Place - An absolutely stunning song! Sarah's voice is so pure and crystal clear, and just soars to new heights! This is one of the first songs that Sarah sang as a young girl, and to me there is an obvious emotional bond evident when she sings it. The beautiful music of Sergei Rachmaninov makes for a perfect setting.
  9. Hijo de la Luna - A very cute Latin flavoured folky song done with charm and elegance. Very nice string work displayed throughout the piece.
  10. Here With Me - Another pop type song with a bit of an ethereal feel to it that is very well done. Sarah's vocals are once again at their best. I love the oohs that she sings near the end of the song. Simply awesome!
  11. La Califfa - Another stunning song that is absolutely out of this world!! My favourite on this album. Sarah's singing is so incredibly beautiful, pure, and emotion packed! If there is music in heaven this has got to be it! Another superb arrangement of the music of Ennio Morricone. My eyes refuse to stay dry when I hear this one. A desert island song for sure! Heavenly!!
  12. This Love - A very beautiful song done with style and elegance. Also has somewhat of an ethereal feel to it. Sarah's silky pop voice again front and center, with the harp adding a nice touch.
  13. Solo Con Te - Another winning combination, the glorious music of George Frederick Handel and the equally glorious voice of Sarah! This song is yet another one that is absolutely stunning! Sarah just continues to produce one awesome song after another! Wow!!
  14. Gloomy Sunday - The words to this jazzy song are a bit gloomy like the title, but Sarah's vocals are nonetheless superb. She proves that she can take on any musical genre and excel.
  15. La Luna - The title track is also a stunning song! The music of Antonin Dvorak and Sarah's superb voice make for an awesome conclusion to an absolutely incredible album! Sarah shifts between her pop voice and her full blown soprano voice with amazing ease, wowing us one last time!
  16. Moon River - Bonus track. If you turn your player off too quickly after La Luna you will miss this song. My favourite Henry Mancini tune sung very beautifully and elegantly by Sarah, in an intimate setting with basically only keyboard accompaniment. This song became even more special when Sarah sat on the edge of the stage and sang it at the La Luna concert.

Additional Comments

Was it possible for Sarah to get any better than her previous album, Eden? The answer is a resounding YES! This is an absolutely superb album from start to finish! There are again no weak songs or fillers to be found. Sarah's voice is nothing short of stunning on this release, so pure, crystal clear, and glorious! And the orchestration and choral backing is once again superb! This lady has obviously found her niche in the music world, and I for one could not be happier. Simply amazing! Sarah has put all the pieces of the puzzle together... an outstanding voice, the most passionate singing you will ever hear, a flair for finding great music to perform, and superb musical arrangements and production! Another desert island disc to be sure! Another must buy!
I have to say this is one very special lady, truly the greatest singer in the world in my opinion! Sarah is a real source of inspiration for all of us! Her music lifts your spirits and soothes your soul. What fantasy world will she lead us to next? I can hardly wait!
Bravo again Sarah!!

If you love this album, you will also want the La Luna Live in Concert DVD for your collection. This is a remarkable concert, captured beautifully with lots of extras for your entertainment pleasure!
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