Harem Tour CD

( Independent 2004 )

My CD Review
  1. KAMA SUTRA - Recorded during the Harem sessions.  Was initially meant to be the opening song for the Harem album.  Not previously released.  This song contains some nice acoustic guitar work that leads into a middle eastern type rhythm, and a vocalise by Sarah.  I really think that it should have been included on the Harem album as initially planned.
  2. JOIN ME - Recorded with Gregorian, and released on their album Masters of Chant Chapter III.  A beautiful tune, albeit the lyrics being somewhat morbid.  Sarah's voice soars in this song, and included are some wonderful oohs and aahs as only Sarah can provide.
  3. MY IMAGINATION - Recorded just prior to the Harem sessions.  Not previously released.  A catchy pop tune with a dance beat and lots of drive.  There is some electric piano accompaniment that may very well be played by Sarah herself.
  4. DON'T GIVE UP - Recorded with Gregorian, and released on their album Masters of Chant Chapter I.  Another beautiful song with exquisite choral backing by Gregorian.  Gentle and soothing vocals from Sarah convey the cause in this song in a very convincing manner.
  5. FORBIDDEN COLOURS - Originally recorded for the La Luna album.  Not previously released.  A sensual song with a bit of an oriental feel in the main theme as delivered by the piano.
  6. THE SMILE - Recorded with Schiller, and released on their album Leben.  A new age style song with an ethereal feel.  The long instrumental introduction is followed by exquisite and airy vocals from Sarah. The latter part of the song contains some beautiful acoustic guitar work.  Definitely one of the best tunes on this recording
  7. PAY NO MIND - One of the first dance tracks recorded after "Starship Trooper".  Was initially meant to be included on the Eden album.  Not previously released.  A techno-pop tune with lots of drive and solid vocals by Sarah.  This song definitely would not have fit on the Eden album as originally planned.
  8. A QUESTION OF HONOUR - A rare extended version from the first single release of the song.  Was later re-issued with a new mix.  While I prefer the later mix, this amazing piece of music nonetheless sends chills down my spine no matter what version I hear.  A show-stopping song that fuses opera and pop together to create Sarah's own unique "Popera", and it's easy to understand why she includes it in her concerts!
  9. VOYAGE VOYAGE - Recorded with Gregorian, and released as a bonus track on their album Masters of Chant Chapter II.  An ethereal pop tune with Sarah's gentle vocals blending with Gregorian to help soothe your soul.
  10. COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW - Recorded during the Harem sessions.  Was initially meant to be included on the Harem album.  Not previously released.  A dance-like rhythm and solid pop vocals highlight this song.  It was indicated that they thought it was too simple to be included on Harem, but I think that it would have fit quite nicely.
  11. THE SECRET STILL REMAINS - Recorded with Sash.  This techno-pop song has plenty of drive, and Sarah's voice soars and seems to almost float on air.
  12. I'VE SEEN IT ALL - Recorded with Schiller, and not previously released.  A steady trance-like beat pervades throughout this electric song.  Sarah's voice is very dream-like here.
  13. WATERMARK - Originally recorded for the Timeless album.  Not previously released.  Sarah performs an absolutely gorgeous vocalise to this well-crafted instrumental song by Enya.  (A vocalise is a song that is sung without actual words.)

Additional Comments

Originally only available at the Harem World Tour concerts.  The CD cover is autographed by Sarah.
A most interesting assortment of songs are contained on this special tour CD, some being familiar and others new to our ears.  The price was a bit steep, but not out of line with a lot of import CD prices, and the cover is also autographed.  My only criticism is that the best song Sarah recorded with Gregorian, Moment of Peace, was not included as part of this special release.  This is definitely a collectors item though, and rare recordings by Sarah are always a treat!