Diva: The Singles Collection CD

( Angel Records - 2006 )

My CD Review
  1. Phantom of the Opera - Duet with Steve Harley.  From the album Phantom of the Opera (1986).
  2. Music of the Night - From the album Surrender (1998).
  3. Pie Jesu - Duet with boy soprano Paul-Miles Kingston.  From the album Andrew Lloyd Webber Requiem (1995).
  4. Who Wants To Live Forever - From the album Time To Say Goodbye (1997).
  5. Tu Quieres Volver - From the album Time To Say Goodbye (1997).
  6. Just Show Me How To Love You - Duet with tenor José Cura.  From the album Time To Say Goodbye (1997).
  7. Deliver Me - From the album Eden (1999).
  8. Nella Fantasia - From the album Eden (1999).
  9. Scarborough Fair - From the album La Luna (2000).
  10. A Whiter Shade of Pale - From the album La Luna (2000).
  11. It’s A Beautiful Day - From the album Harem (2003).
  12. What You Never Know - From the album Harem (2003).
  13. A Question of Honour - From the album Fly (1998).
  14. Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiró) - Duet with tenor Andrea Bocelli.  From the album Time to Say Goodbye.

Additional Comments

This is another "greatest hits" collection from the world's greatest soprano.  The primary difference between this album and the Classics album is a lack of new or newly recorded material on this one, and also the fact that this collection focuses more on the contemporary pop side of Sarah's repertoire as opposed to the classical side.  The tracks included on this album do span more of Sarah's career, however, but some new songs would have been nice.
Once again the beautiful La Califfa (La Luna) was omitted, which is a song that I feel really showcases Sarah's sparkling voice.  Some of the selections from her various albums I also found a bit unusual.  For instance I would have included War is Over from Harem instead of What You Never Know, and There for Me rather than Tu Quieres Volver from Time To Say Goodbye.  And with the album length not being all that long, a few more tracks could have easily been added, like the above mentioned songs as well as possibly Eden (Eden), Winter in July (La Luna), Until the End of Time (Harem), and Stranger in Paradise (Harem).
All in all this is a pretty good collection, particularly as a starter album for new fans to Sarah Brightman.  But this album should also be heard in conjunction with Classics to get a real sense of Sarah's vocal talent.

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