A Night With Secret Garden DVD

"Music can conjure up images of dramatic and sentimental scenes for our inner eye.
A melody accompanying the drama of a film never seen."

(Albums in parenthesis)

  • The Rap  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Song from a Secret Garden  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Pastorale  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Children of the River  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Sigma  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Nocturne  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Steps  (White Stones)
  • Passacaglia  (White Stones)
  • Sona  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Poéme  (White Stones)
  • Moving  (White Stones)
  • Adagio  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Windancer  (White Stones)
  • In Our Tears  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Elan  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Prayer  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Heartstrings  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Dreamcatcher  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Celebration  (White Stones)
  • Ode to Simplicity  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Hymn to Hope  (White Stones)
  • Dawn of a New Century  (Dawn of a New Century)


This concert took place in Lillehammer, Norway in 1999. The songs performed in the concert are drawn from Secret Garden's first three albums, and represent a good cross-section of the type of music the ensemble produces. The lovely serene pieces are here, as well as the livelier dance-like songs. The big difference in experiencing Secret Garden live in concert is that you can witness how they perform these outstanding songs. You already know from listening to their albums how expressive and emotion packed their music is, and what impact it has on your soul! But you can also see that emotion and feeling as it flows through their entire bodies and out of their instruments! They perform directly from their inner beings, inviting you to visit your own secret garden in the process. You thus embark on a magical, mystical journey to a very special place as they weave their way through this incredible collection of powerful songs!

All I can say is this concert absolutely blew me away! Not only are Fionnuala and Rolf extremely talented and emotive, but their supporting band members are also equal to the task, as can be witnessed in the playing of instruments such as oboe, pipes, clarinet and percussion. The Irish choir Anuna is quite simply put an amazing, tightly knit group of singers that produce a phenomenal soundscape within the songs they perform in! And the performance of the song Prayer by singer Karen Matheson is just awesome, and extremely emotional! Many of these songs brought tears to my eyes, something that happens to me with only a selected few artists. I now anxiously await the day that I will be able to experience Secret Garden live in concert!

There is also bonus material on the DVD in addition to the concert. There are two documentaries that cover Secret Gardenís early days, a "knowledge" section including information and sound clips from Secret Gardenís first three CDís, and a photo gallery. All of this is visually framed and complemented by exquisite graphics and paintings.

You can read the notes for each of the songs on the pages of the albums that they are taken from.

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