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Rolf and Fionnuala My Thoughts

"We listen with our ears - we understand with our hearts."
- Rolf Lovland

This amazing and heartwarming ensemble is powered by Norwegian born composer/keyboard master Rolf Lovland, and Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry.  Secret Garden "fuses classical, Norwegian and Irish folk music to create a uniquely romantic, soothingly seductive sound that is distinctly in a class by itself."  And as they have also noted on their website, "Secret Garden creates a musical tapestry that includes textures, colours and emotions ranging from the amazing magnitude of musical experiences that Rolf Lovland and Fionnuala Sherry share between them... an extraordinary musical garden that will sweep you away on a lyrical, mystical adventure."

In my opinion, Secret Garden achieves what few performers are capable of... following their hearts and souls, and translating these feelings and experiences into music that is powerful, emotional, and quite exceptional!  Music that speaks so truthfully of their very essence and inner beauty!  Easily the most beautiful music in the world!  And when they perform this music, they perform like true artists should... using their entire bodies and souls, and through their instruments expressing what is in their hearts.  I can only think of a handful of artists that are capable of producing this type of aural and visual art, with the greatest of those being Secret Garden and Sarah Brightman.

You will indeed be swept away into your own secret garden when you experience this ensemble!  One listen and you will know what I mean when I say that Secret Garden is one of the greatest musical artists you could possibly experience!  You will be amazed at the lyrical beauty and outstanding musicianship displayed by these artists throughout all of their recordings!  And Rolf Lovland is without question one of the greatest composers of our time... a modern-day Mozart!  From the moment I heard Secret Garden, and my first encounter was with the powerful song In Our Tears (Dawn of a New Century), I knew that there was something very magical and very special about these artists.  I was quickly wisked away into my own secret garden, guided by the emotion and passion that this extremely talented group of artists produce.  Upon hearing this song I had to have this album, even if for only this one song, but I somehow knew that all of their music would be equally outstanding!  Yet Rolf and Fionnuala do not limit themselves to just displaying their own amazing talents, but also showcase other outstanding artists such as Scottish singer Karen Matheson, the Irish choir Anuna, and of course their own ensemble players, who are all outstanding musicians in their own right!

For several years I looked forward with great anticipation to one day experiencing this amazing ensemble live in concert, and possibly meeting them in person, and that day finally came in April of 2005!  They were everything that I knew they would be and much more!  And considering the incredible amount of emotion and passion that these two beautiful people posess and share with all of us, warm hugs were quite appropriate when we met.
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So if you are like me, a person who loves beautiful emotive music that reaches out and touches your soul, then you MUST experience Secret Garden for yourself!  Their music can soothe you, entertain you, and help you find your own way.  For as Rolf Lovland so aptly puts it, "The power of music reflects the light of our heart's and guides us out of darkness."  Nothing could be more true.

Thank you Rolf and Fionnuala for everything!!



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