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Fionnuala and Rolf First Encounters

"Let voices ring, rejoice and sing, now is the time."
- Secret Garden

This page tells the story of how each of us discovered and were captured by the artistry of Secret Garden...

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

My Story

Ahmed  (Egypt)

Johnny  (Louisiana, USA)

Susan  (California, USA)

Donald Dawson  (Scotland)

Lanny R. Carlson  (Estherville, USA)

Per O. Eira  (Norway)

Sylvia Schreuder  (Netherlands)

Alan  (Massachusetts, USA)

Paul  (Japan)

Diane  (California, USA)

Soledad Betanzos  (Mexico City, Mexico)

Kameshe  (Connecticut, USA)

Jessica Foster  (Tennessee, USA)

Anne Wong  (Hong Kong)

Gordon Weir  (Alberta, Canada)

Hanh  (California, USA)

Barbara Ramah  (Brisbane, Australia)

Bob Stahl  (Maryland, USA)

Ricardo Miracca  (São Paulo, Brazil)

Cláudia  (Portugal)

Tim  (Canada)

Sylvia Rivera  (Louisiana, USA)

Michelle  (California, USA)

Tina  (Washington, USA)

Rebecca Kragnes  (Minnesota, USA)

My Own Story  (Manitoba, Canada)

Please tell me your story

Meeting Secret Garden
Photo © Lanny R. Carlson

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