Live at Kilden DVD

"Twenty years later, we decided to mark the event by doing an anniversary concert.  We wanted to tell our story through our music.  This album is a live recording of this concert - each piece and each song telling a special story and representing a key moment in our journey."


Fionnuala Sherry on violin and Rolf Lovland on piano

All music by Rolf Lovland

  • Celebration
  • Nocturne (featuring Cathrine Iversen)
  • Silent Wings (featuring Ole Edvard Antonsen)
  • Frozen In Time
  • Elan
  • Heartstrings / I've Dreamed of You (featuring Tracey Campbell)
  • My Land (featuring Espen Grjotheim)
  • Grace (featuring Ole Edvard Antonsen)
  • Moving
  • Sleepsong (featuring Cathrine Iversen)
  • Sometimes When It Rains
  • Ode to Simplicity / Simply You (featuring Tracey Campbell and Ole Edvard Antonsen)
  • Steps
  • Did I Not Love You (featuring Espen Grjotheim and Cathrine Iversen)
  • Hymn to Hope / Sometimes a Prayer Will Do (featuring Tracey Campbell)
  • Poéme
  • The Reel
  • You Raise Me Up (featuring Espen Grjotheim and Tracey Campbell)
  • Song from a Secret Garden
  • Thank You (featuring Espen Grjotheim, Cathrine Iversen, Tracey Campbell and Ole Edvard Antonsen)


This stunning live concert took place in the new Kilden Concert Hall in Kristiansand, Norway, hometown of Rolf Lovland and several of the band members.  It was a colossal event in celebration of Secret Garden's twentieth anniversary, and included an outstanding cast of musicians and singers, along with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.  The beautiful concert stage, stunning lighting, and exquisite attire worn by the artists was both pleasing to the eye and very fitting for this momentous occasion!  And the most remarkable thing about this concert is that it was the first live performance for Fionnuala Sherry since her horrific ordeal!

The concert opens with Celebration, a truly fitting piece not only for Secret Garden's historic anniversary, but for Fionnuala's remarkable recovery as well.  As you watch this video you will experience many of Secret Garden's greatest pieces - Nocturne, the ethereal piece that "started it all" by winning the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1995; Hymn to Hope, an emotion packed "tour de force" for world peace; Grace, the beautiful baroque-style duo for trumpet and violin; You Raise Me Up, a powerful "blockbuster" song not only for the ensemble but for the songwriters Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham as well; and of course Song from a Secret Garden, which showcases the heart and soul of Secret Garden, Rolf and Fionnuala, the founders of this amazing ensemble.  In addition to a number of other great pieces, both instrumental and vocal, Secret Garden has discerningly blended two of their pieces into a single medley on three of the tracks.  What is great about this video too is that it contains three selections that are not on the Live at Kilden audio album - Frozen In Time, Moving, and Poéme.

The musicians and singers poured their heart and soul into this performance as they have done many, many times over the past twenty years.  Guest singers Cathrine Iversen, Espen Grjotheim and Tracey Campbell breathed life into the vocal pieces, and trumpet player Ole Edvard Antonsen added some stunning performances to the concert.  Watching the video of this live concert affords you the added bonus of not only hearing the music but experiencing the artists performing it as well, which for me makes it that much more powerful and emotional.  In the liner notes Rolf Lovland stated that "hopefully, some of the energy is captured in this album".  Watching this video I can truly say that a great deal of energy was captured that evening!

The Live at Kilden concert DVD is a true testament to the twenty year legacy of Secret Garden, and a "must have" for all fans both new and old.  Recording this live concert was an extraordinary way to immortalize this legacy, and to show the world how incredible these artists truly are!  Thank you Secret Garden for a very fitting celebration of twenty amazing years of outstanding music making!

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