Just the Two of Us

"In live concerts we normally present our music with a full band - sometimes even with a symphony orchestra.  But inside the programme we always like to perform a few pieces just as a duo - with violin and piano only.  These are our most precious moments - that's when we feel a special musical connection between us.  On this album we're unarranging our music and performing our melodies in their purest and most intimate form - just the two of us."


Fionnuala Sherry on violin and Rolf Lovland on piano

All music by Rolf Lovland

  • Sometimes When It Rains (Original album: Earthsongs)
  • Heartstrings (Original album: Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Awakening (Original album: Once in a Red Moon)
  • The Promise (Original album: Once in a Red Moon)
  • Reflection (Original album: White Stones)
  • Ode to Simplicity (Original album: Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Poéme (Original album: White Stones)
  • Sortie (Original album: Inside I'm Singing)
  • Just the Two of Us (New)
  • Song from a Secret Garden (Original album: Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • En Passant (New)
  • Papillon (Original album: Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Belonging (Original album: Once in a Red Moon)
  • Serenade to Spring (Original album: Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Song at the End of the Day (Original album: Winter Poem)


While this album contains primarily previously released material, it is nonetheless a unique album and an absolute gem from this endearing duo.  Long before orchestration and additional instrumentation is added, Secret Garden's music begins life on violin and piano only, and that is exactly what is heard on this exceptional recording, as the pieces are "unarranged" and heard in their original pristine form.  Secret Garden have chosen some of their favourite melodies to perform in this way, and the results are stunningly beautiful.  And even though you have heard most of these pieces before, you will be completely captivated and will revel in the intimacy of the performances by Rolf and Fionnuala.  Plus as an added bonus you will also hear two brand new pieces written expecially for this album, the title track "Just the Two of Us" and the melancholy "En Passant".  A must have for anyone who enjoys the music of Secret Garden, and an album that is sure to garner many more new fans for these two extraordinary musicians!

Thank you Rolf and Fionnuala for a new age chamber masterpiece!

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