Inside I'm Singing

"If we listen with our hearts we can hear the earth silently singing: It's the promise of the past, it's the yield of new life - it's the songs of the earth. They were always there - awakened by our heartbeats and nourished by our tears - the eternal songs that can lift our spirits to reach for something higher within us".


Fionnuala Sherry on violin and Rolf Lovland on piano/keyboards

  • Nocturne (Featuring Anne Takle)
  • Thank You (Featuring Peter Jöback)
  • The Things You Are To Me (Featuring Elaine Page)
  • If Came the Hour (Featuring Tommy Körberg)
  • Theme from The Mermaid Chair
  • Sometimes A Prayer Will Do (Featuring Tracey Campbell)
  • Song for a Stormy Night (Featuring Steinar Albrigtsen)
  • I've Dreamed of You (Featuring Barbra Streisand)
  • Did I Not Love You (Featuring Peter Corry)
  • Simply You (Featuring Niamh Kavanaugh)
  • My Land (Featuring Espen Grjotheim)
  • Sortie
  • You Raise Me Up (Featuring Brian Kennedy)


This album was a departure for Secret Garden, with all but two of the tracks featuring vocalists.  The vocal tracks are previously recorded Secret Garden instrumentals with lyrics written for them by Brendan Graham, with the exception of Nocturne, which had additional lyrics written by Peter Skavlan, You Raise Me Up, which is the original version from the album Once in a Red Moon, and I've Dreamed of You, which is the Barbra Streisand version with lyrics written by Ann Hampton Callaway.  There are some wonderful vocal performances on this album, and the two instrumental pieces are very beautiful.

This album was not officially released in the North American market.

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