"The tradition of a 'dreamcatcher' is an ancient one, dating back to the Celtic and Native American cultures, where soft branches of oak and willow were formed into a circle and used as a base for a web of feathers, leaves and twine. This natural net would "capture" ideas, dreams and visions and allow the dreamers to achieve their dreams and goals. This magical dreamcatcher also provided a unique protection during sleep: filtering out the bad dreams and retaining the pleasant, positive ones."

(Original albums in parenthesis)

Fionnuala Sherry on violin and Rolf Lovland on piano/keyboards

  • Nocturne  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Prayer  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Moving  (White Stones)
  • Dreamcatcher  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Sigma  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Song from a Secret Garden  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Sona  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Passacaglia  (White Stones)
  • Elan  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • In Our Tears  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Celebration  (White Stones)
  • Heartstrings  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Steps  (White Stones)
  • Adagio  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • The Rap  (Songs from a Secret Garden)
  • Hymn to Hope  (White Stones)
  • Lore of the Loom  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Dawn of a New Century  (Dawn of a New Century)
  • Last Present (Sun-Mool)  (Bonus Track)


This album is a compilation of Secret Garden's first three albums, plus a bonus track. There is a pretty even balance of songs from these albums, and this compilation is a good cross-section of the type of music Secret Garden produces. The majority of the standouts are here, but how can you choose what to put on an album when all of your material is so outstanding! The bonus track Last Present was written by Korean composer Sung Woo Cho for the Korean film with the same name. Rolf Lovland rearranged and re-scored the piece in a Secret Garden style, and it is a gorgeous song and a great compliment to this package of beautiful and inspiring songs! This album is a must for all lovers of Secret Garden, and is the perfect starting place for newcomers to the ensemble. But when you experience this album, you will want to collect all of their other albums as well!

You can read the notes for each of the songs on the pages of the albums that they are taken from.

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