You Raise Me Up - The Collection

"This new special collection includes three previously unheard songs, including a piano-only version of “Song From A Secret Garden” performed by Rolf, just like the way he used to play it before we made it into a duo with violin, as well as a brand new version of “I’ve Dreamed Of You”, the song that Barbra Streisand chose to perform at her own wedding."


Fionnuala Sherry on violin and Rolf Lovland on piano

All music by Rolf Lovland

  • You Raise Me Up (with Johnny Logan)  (Previously unreleased)
  • The Promise  (Original album: Once in a Red Moon)
  • Always There (with Brian Kennedy)  (Original album: Earthsongs - European release)
  • I’ve Dreamed of You (with Tracey Campbell)  (Previously unreleased)
  • Sometimes When it Rains  (Original album: Earthsongs)
  • Greenwaves (with Karen Matheson)  (Original album: Once in a Red Moon)
  • The Things You Are To Me (with Elaine Paige)  (Original album: Inside I'm Singing)
  • Lotus  (Original album: Earthsongs)
  • Sleepsong (with Fionnuala Gill)  (Original album: Earthsongs)
  • Fields of Fortune  (Original album: Earthsongs)
  • Sometimes A Prayer Will Do (with Tracey Campbell)  (Original album: Inside I'm Singing)
  • Powered by Nature (with Tracey Campbell & Espen Grjotheim)  (Original album: Winter Poem)
  • Just the Two of Us  (Original album: Just the Two of Us)
  • Frozen in Time  (Original album: Winter Poem)
  • Did I Not Love You (with Peter Corry)  (Original album: Inside I'm Singing)
  • Song from a Secret Garden (Piano Solo Version)  (Previously unreleased)
  • Fairytale  (Original album: Once in a Red Moon)
  • Nocturne (with Anne Takle)  (Original album: Inside I'm Singing)


While this album contains primarily previously released material, it is nonetheless unique and another great compilation album from this endearing duo.  One thing to note is that there are four selections taken from the album Inside I'm Singing, which was not officially released in the North American market.  But the album also contains three previously unreleased selections - a new recording of the song I've Dreamed of You with Tracey Campbell, the original version of You Raise Me Up with Johnny Logan, and a piano solo version of Song from a Secret Garden.  Also of note is that the version of Always There included here is the European recording with tenor Brian Kennedy, which is not the version on the Earthsongs album released in the North American market.  So for fans of Secret Garden this album is a must have.  And for those who are new to Secret Garden this album is a great introduction to the later works of this amazing ensemble.  So put this album together with the Dreamcatcher album and you have a great sampling of the incredible material that this ensemble has produced over the past twenty plus years!

Thank you Rolf and Fionnuala!

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