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Our Thanks to You

Shades of Classics and CKUW wish to thank the many wonderful artists, individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to our programming.
Your generosity is truly appreciated!

  • Our heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful artists and organizations who contributed music for airplay
    on this program and CKUW.
  • Special thanks to the following artists and organizations for their generous contributions of music:
    • Abelin Productions and pianist Richard Abel
    • Publicist & Music Commentator Eric Alper
    • Ariaphonics and Dmitri Silnitsky
    • Ark Music and musician/composer Jeff Johnson
    • The B Company and Beth Ann Hilton
    • Michael Conway Baker, composer, and manager/wife Penny
    • Camerata Nova, Sandi Mielitz and Karine Beaudette
    • CBC Records and Randy Barnard
    • Continental A/S (Norway), Fionnuala Sherry, Rolf Lovland and Trude BÝ
    • Creative Service Company and Randall Davis
    • Crossover Media, Max Horowitz and Amanda Bloom
    • Decca Records and pianist/composer David Lanz
    • Domo Music Group and Dino Malito
    • EMI Music Canada, Gary Fredrich-Dunne and Brandon Bayer
    • EverSound Music
    • Evolution Promotion and Karen Doran
    • Higher Level Media (Formerly RS Promotions) and Sherry Finzer
    • Island Dawn Music and Kathleen Monahan
    • Lakefront Music and musician/composer Paul Adams
    • Last Tango Productions and Yvonne Valnea
    • Lazz Promotions and Ed and Stacey Bonk
    • Canadian musician and composer Bruce Mitchell
    • Narada Productions, David Lanz and Sue Schroeder
    • Naxos of Canada and Raymond Bisha
    • New Age Music Guide and BT Fasmer
    • New Vision Promotion and Kevin Wood
    • NO-TE and Barbara Hoppe
    • Kevin Osborn (KevOz), musician/composer
    • PARMA Recordings LLC, Sara Warner and Patrick Niland
    • Quinlan Road and Loreena McKennitt
    • Real Music and Nick Fitzsimons
    • Lisbeth Scott, soprano
    • Signpost Music, Steve Bell and Dave Zeglinski
    • SRI Canada - YDGS Imports and Regina Piskorsch-Feick
    • Universal Classics Group Canada, Laura Van Leest and Mima Agozzino
    • Valley Entertainment and Hearts of Space, Eric Mace, Erika Page and Sue Stillwagon
    • Virgin Music Canada and Rick Risdale
    • WorldSound Productions, Inc. and Janet Cucinotti

  • Our heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful artists who contributed music for on-air giveaways and FunDrive prize packages.
  • Special thanks to the following people and organizations for their generous prize donations:
    • Angel Records and Sharon Russell  (Sarah Brightman posters)
    • Steve Bell, singer, musician and songwriter  (FunDrive prizes)
    • Julie Biggs, soprano  (FunDrive prizes)
    • Camerata Nova  (concert tickets)
    • EMI Music Canada and Joanne MacKenzie  (Sarah Brightman posters and CD's)
    • Dawn Hunter, massage therapist  (FunDrive prizes)
    • David Lanz, pianist and composer  (FunDrive prize)
    • The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Jon Snidal and Conrad Sweatman  (concert tickets and FunDrive prizes)
    • Royal Winnipeg Ballet  (concert tickets)
    • RS Promotions and Sherry Finzer  (FunDrive prizes)
    • Universal Classics Group Canada and Mary Caruso (Hayley Westenra autographed CD's and programs)
    • Virtuosi Concerts  (concert tickets)
    • The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra  (concert tickets and FunDrive prizes)
  • Finally, a very special thank you to the following organizations for their ongoing support of Shades of Classics and CKUW:
    • The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra  (concert tickets)
    • Manitoba Opera  (opera tickets)
    • The Westminster Concert Organ Series  (concert tickets)
    • The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra  (concert tickets)
    • The Women's Musical Club of Winnipeg  (concert tickets)


Special thanks to the following businesses for their wonderful corporate support of this program:

  • Island Lakes Chiropractic (Dr. Darrin Thorvaldson)
  • Winnipeg Conservaory of Music (Julie Biggs, Director)
  • Winnipeg Police Credit Union (Michael Taylor, General Manager)

  • Michael Conway Baker - Pre-eminent Canadian composer
  • Steve Bell - Local singer, musician and songwriter
  • Julie Biggs - Local soprano and diva divine
  • Ken Elkinson - New age pianist/composer from LA
  • Fiona Joy Hawkins - New age pianist/composer from Australia
  • KevOz - New age musician and composer
  • Cornell Kinderknecht - Musician and composer from Dallas
  • Jan Kocman - Principal Flute, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Ron Korb - Canadian flutist and composer
  • Rebecca Kragnes - New age pianist/composer from Minneapolis
  • Rachel LaFond - New age pianist/composer from New Zealand
  • Johannes Linstead - Canadian new age/world guitarist and composer
  • David Lanz - Heartfelt new age pianist/composer
  • Rolf Lovland and Fionnuala Sherry (Secret Garden) - Musical artists extraordinaire
  • Anne Manson - Music Director of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
  • Margaret Maria - Canadian cellist and composer
  • Loreena McKennitt - The amazing singer, musician and songwriter
  • Alexander Mickelthwate - Former Music Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Jim Ottaway - Australian new age musician and composer
  • Daniel Raiskin - Music Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Gil Shaham - The great violinist
  • Sora - Heartfelt Canadian singer, musician and songwriter
  • Jana Ting - Talented local classical pianist
  • Steven Vitali - Heartfelt musician and composer
  • Michael Whalen - Pianist and composer

    (In interview date order)

  • Kevin Osborn (KevOz) - The new age musician and composer from Chicago  (2006, 2015)
  • David Lanz - The hearfelt new age pianist and composer  (2006, 2010, 2013, 2014)
  • Paul Schwartz - Musician and composer of the wonderful Aria and State of Grace album series  (2007, 2017)
  • Fiona Joy - New age pianist/composer from Australia  (2007, 2011)
  • Paul Byrom - Tenor in the ensemble Celtic Thunder  (2008)
  • Lisbeth Scott - Soprano and star of Paul Schwartz's State of Grace albums  (2008)
  • Will Ackerman - Guitarist and producer extraordinaire  (2008)
  • Natasha Marsh - UK soprano  (2009)
  • Nathan Pacheco - Featured tenor on Yanni's album 'Voices'  (2009)
  • Hayley Westenra - The amazing young soprano from New Zealand  (2009)
  • Rebecca Luker - The amazing soprano and star of Paul Schwartz's Aria albums  (2011)
  • Fionnuala Sherry - Heartfelt violinist and co-founder of Secret Garden  (2011, 2018)
  • Rolf Lovland - Heartfelt pianist, composer and co-founder of Secret Garden  (2012, 2018)
  • Karen England & Rebecca Knight - The OperaBabes  (2012)
  • Julian Pellicano - Conductor  (2013)
  • Augustin Hadelich - Violinist extaordinaire  (2014)
  • Zade Dirani - Pianist and composer  (2014)
  • Peter Boyer - American classical composer  (2014)
  • Kristin Amarie - Norwegian soprano  (2014)
  • Scott Cossu - New age pianist and composer  (2016)
  • Mary-Jess Leaverland - UK soprano and songwriter  (2016)
  • Rachel Barton Pine - Classical violinist  (2018)
  • David Arkenstone - New age musician and composer  (2018)
  • Anastasia Partafylia - Neo-classical musician and composer  (2018)
  • Sharon Fendrich - Neo-classical musician and composer  (2019)
  • Rachel LaFond - New age pianist and composer  (2020)

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