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Complete Band Member Biographies

Kevin Lee Gibson


Kevinís first interest in music began at the age of 6 when he first saw Tommy Hunter on the black and white TV set. Soon he was making his first performance with a kitchen broom for a guitar. From then on, Kevin appreciated and listened to all types of music.
Kevinís first involvement in making music was at the age of 12, when he joined the junior high school band as a clarinet player. Kevin continued to play the clarinet in school bands for the next six years . These bands performed at many festivals in Manitoba, Canada, and North Dakota, U.S.A..
Kevin taught himself the drums and bass guitar at the age of 14. He would practice on the school bandís equipment during his lunch hours. Also at age 14, Kevin bought his first electric guitar. He was quickly playing cover tunes by ear. He continued to play these instruments during his high school years and took every opportunity to jam with fellow musicians, as bands were scarce when you lived in a small town.
Kevin took an interest in writing original songs as soon as he became comfortable with his guitar. The ability to create solid, complete songs came with ease, which in turn fueled the fire to write more.
Kevinís interest in hearing his songs grew. The lack of a band was not going to deter him. He would rent a multi-track recorder and produce and perform all parts of his song, just so he could hear his creation. Kevin wanted to hear his work played professionally, and in 1987 he recorded a two song 45 rpm record at Sunshine Record Studio. He produced and performed all parts of the recording. Recording this record convinced Kevin that there was a place for his music, and he looked forward to establishing a band in the future.
In May of 1988 Kevin entered the police academy, later to become a member of the Winnipeg Police Service. Here he had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting fellow police recruit Robert Taylor. Kevin and Bob developed a strong friendship, sharing their love of music. The pair began jamming, and together their destiny was to form UNDERCOVER.
Kevinís strong song writing talent, and the distinctive character of his lead vocals make his role in UNDERCOVER very important and prominent. Kevinís strong character as the UNDERCOVER "front man" proves to be one of the six very strong links in the chain of UNDERCOVERís success.

Ray Hope


Ray started to teach himself piano at the age of 13. He later took two years of piano lessons followed by another two years of drum lessons.
In high school, Ray took up the cello, and was lead cellist in the school orchestra. He started to develop his singing voice as a member of the school choir. Ray also won the S.J. Matter award for music in his graduating year of high school.
Rayís role in UNDERCOVER has become a great opportunity for him to display his instrumental and singing talents alongside other musicians who share the same desire and enthusiasm to succeed in the music industry. And Rayís choir experience has contributed to the polished quality of his back-up vocals, which is quite apparent on UNDERCOVERís recordings. His musical talents enhance the popularity of UNDERCOVER performances.
Ray has also developed a talent and skill for incorporating computer technology into his writing. He utilizes musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) techniques. This blend of talent and skill is readily apparent in the song ĎAttitudeí, written by Ray and produced by UNDERCOVER. Rayís MIDI skills play an important part in the development of UNDERCOVER songs.
Ray is currently a computer analyst with the City of Winnipeg.

Dave Taylor


Dave first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. His brothers, Mike and Bob, taught him a few chords to start him off. Dave was quick to learn the guitar, and had a keen ear for music. Using this talent and his interests in rock and roll music, he quickly learned songs on his own. The first song he learned was Johnny Be Good. In a few short days, Dave could play the song to perfection.
Daveís first gig was a dance at the Bord-Aire Community Club in Winnipeg, Canada at the age of 14. He and three friends formed a rock and roll band and played at school dances, a school open house, and headlined the grade nine dance at Stevenson Junior High School. They were an instant hit with their classmates. The band played their first social when Dave was 15. That same year, they won the talent show at Stevenson Junior High School.
Over the next few years, Dave went on to play in a number of other bands. They performed at several functions held at Bord-Aire Community Club, as well as a few private parties. Dave became well known for his talents as a lead guitarist.
Daveís talents as an accomplished lead guitarist are a very important aspect of UNDERCOVERís popularity, and are very prominent in the original songs developed by the band. Dave is quickly becoming well known for his wicked lead guitar riffs. At the Cops & Rockers Social in May of 1994, Daveís performance impressed both fans and performers that were in attendance, including Kenny Shields (Streetheart), and Chris Burke-Gaffney (Deadbeat Honeymooners, Orphan). Daveís talents were a key factor in the band being selected for a spot on the 92 CITI FM Homegrown CD.
Dave is currently a machinist at Boeing.

Jerry Taylor


Jerry's interest in music began at the age of 13, when he played trumpet and baritone treble cleff in the Stevenson Junior High School band. He played in the school band for three years. He was awarded a music scholarship to attend schooling at the International Peace Gardens.
When Jerry was 14 years old, he joined the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, where he played the bagpipes. Even at this tender age, Jerry was developing a talent for a wide range of musical instruments.
Jerryís interest in playing drums began at the age of 9. His father was a drummer in the Winnipeg Firefighters Marching Band. When he returned home from playing, Jerry would take the drumsticks and pick up where his father left off. In 1989, Jerry purchased his first drum kit from an antique polka player.
Jerry began to play on a recreational basis for the next two or three years with his brother Bob until the band UNDERCOVER was formed in 1993. Jerryís talent with a wide range of instruments will continue to play an important role in the future of UNDERCOVER.
In 1990 Jerry entered the police academy, going on to become a police constable with the Winnipeg Police Service like his brother Bob.

Michael Taylor


Mike started playing guitar at the age of 12. He started with an electric guitar and small amplifier that his father bought second hand. He developed a keen interest in rock and roll music, learning to play by ear. Later he taught his brother Dave a few guitar chords. This would prove to be a long term benefit as evidenced by their role in UNDERCOVER.
Mike started performing publicly at the age of 15. Then, along with his brother Bob and friend Neil Wall, formed a band called The Hands of Time. Mike played rhythm/lead guitar, Bob played bass guitar, and Neil played the drums.
Michael is currently the General Manager of the Winnipeg Police Credit Union.

Robert Taylor


Bob bought his first bass guitar at the age of 13. Like his brothers, he had a keen ear for music and started learning cover tunes on his own. His musical interests were influenced by people such as Paul McCartney, Stanley Clarke, and John Entwhistle.
Bob started performing publicly on bass guitar at age 14 when his brother Mike and friend Neil Wall started a band called The Hands of Time. They played at community dances throughout Winnipeg, Canada, as well as at St. John Ambulance functions. Their repertoire included two original songs penned by Robert and Michael.
Bob played bass guitar in the band Superglide between 1979 and 1982. This band played the bar scene in Winnipeg, Canada as well as some rural areas, including the lead act at the Turtle Derby in Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada.
Bob entered the police academy in 1988, and soon after became a police constable with the Winnipeg Police Service.

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