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Ghostlines is the latest album from Calgary singer, musician and songwriter Sora. This album includes ten new songs penned by Sora, and in addition to lead vocals and backup vocals, Sora also performs on keyboards, violin and harp. The album was produced by Vanessa Cardui, and she also contributes to the musical content of this album with backup vocals, banjo, lute, recorder, glockenspiel and various percussion instruments. Additional musicians contributing to this album are Dorothy Bishop on cello, Aaron Young on electric guitar, and Brent van Dusen on drums.
Sora delineates her new album by stating "Ghostlines is an album of hauntings; the lingering memories, stories and experiences that hold us captive, good or bad. It is the echoing reverberations of decisions made by us for us."
As I listened to this album what really grabbed my attention were the stunning vocal harmonies beautifully crafted by Sora and Vanessa. The songs on this album cover a wide range of emotions, each with their own unique character. The accompanying music is a well-crafted palette of timbres and colours, beautifully and emotionally performed by all of the artists involved. I particularly enjoyed Ghostlines, Paris, Clay, Selkie and Away, but all ten songs are great. The song lyrics are cogent and well thought-out, and the instruments chosen for each song are tastefully utilized and do not overshadow the vocals. Some unique instrumentation is utilized throughout this recording, including glockenspiel, ocean drum, udu, and wood block. On her previous albums Sora primarily utilized a guest violinist, but on this album she performed the violin parts herself, and she adeptly demonstrates that she can handle this part beautifully. Sora is a great songwriter, and this album showcases her growth as a musical artist. This truly is an album of hauntings as Sora herself expressed.
With the album's top-notch production and sound quality also considered, Sora has created a well-crafted musical masterpiece.


- John Iverson, CKUW

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