Sharon Fendrich - Red Sky Prairie

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This is an exceptional musical masterpiece from Sharon Fendrich, particularly when you consider the fact that this is her debut album. The eleven selections on this album are very beautiful, expressive and passionate, and are genuinely memorable musical masterpieces. Sharon Fendrich is an extraordinary composer, with an opus of very well crafted and beautifully arranged musical creations.
The performances from pianist Sharon Fendrich, four world-class Dutch musicians, and the stunning Russian soprano Anna Emelyanova are outstanding, heartfelt and nothing short of breathtaking! The well-balanced and varied combinations of piano, cello, violin, flute and voice paint a vivid picture on "Red Sky Prairie". I find it really hard to pick a favourite among the pieces on this album, as every song stands out brilliantly on its own. But as a collective they form a musical treasure trove of sound, colour, character and beauty.
Red Sky Prairie is certainly one of the best albums in the new age/neo-classical genre to be released this year. And I would definitely place Sharon Fendrich in the same extraordinary class of musical artists as Secret Garden, David Lanz, and Loreena McKennitt. This album is an absolute must have for all lovers of heartfelt new age or neo-classical music!


- John Iverson, CKUW

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