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Our Thanks to You

Shades of Classics and CKUW wish to thank the following artists, individuals and organizations for their contributions to our programming in 2021.  Your generosity is truly appreciated!

  • Publicist & Music Commentator Eric Alper
  • Crossover Media, Max Horowitz and Amanda Bloom
  • Domo Music Group and Dino Malito
  • Higher Level Media and Sherry Finzer
  • Lazz Promotions, Ed and Stacey Bonk
  • New Age Music Guide and BT Fasmer
  • New Vision Promotion and Kevin Wood
  • NO-TE and Barbara Hoppe
  • PARMA Recordings LLC, Sara Warner and Patrick Niland
  • Spotted Peccary Music and Beth Ann Hilton
  • Valley Entertainment, Eric Mace and Erika Page
  • And all of the wonderful musicians who sent us their music

  • Signpost Music and Steve Bell  (FunDrive prizes)
  • All of the wonderful musicians who contributed music for on-air giveaways and FunDrive prizes

  • Johannes Linstead - Canadian new age/world guitarist and composer
  • Daniel Raiskin - Music Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Anne Manson - Music Director of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

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